We are Mallory and Leah

As a birth mom and partial adoptee, we have seen a huge need for thoughtful and thorough education as we have conversations with families and organizations in the adoption community. As we speak with these individuals, we are learning they are receiving little to no training from the adoption professionals in their lives and they thirst for deeper rooted education that goes beyond the norm. That is why we created Woven Together! Woven together is the ONLY faith-based, online course that covers modern adoption practices with ethics in mind, many voices to learn from, and tackling the heart issues surrounding adoption.
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What does the course cover?

  • Learning from adoptees, a birth mother, adoptive parents, and experts

  • Adoption ethics

  • Transracial adoption

  • Creating your profile book

  • Hospital experience

  • Navigating special needs and hard situations

  • Building a lifelong open adoption

  • And so much more!

How does Woven Together benefit you?

This course's approach is different than others! With a faith-based perspective, we dive into not just logical preparation for adopting but also unveil heart issues that can affect everyone in the adoption triad. Having these conversations NOW helps build a strong foundation!

  • Comes with physical workbook to take notes from the course, more educational material, and in-depth reflection questions

  • Start your adoption journey with an open heart and mind for a lifetime relationship with your child's birth family

  • Get to the heart of why and how to adopt well

  • Build a strong foundation that will benefit your child

  • Certificate of completion for adoption professional requirements

  • Lifetime access so you can keep coming back as new seasons of your adoption unfold and you need a refresh

What people are saying:


Like pre-marital counseling but for adoption!


These questions are phenomenal! It’s like pre-marital counseling but for adoption! I love the heart and posture you guys take. It’s all so relevant! The ICPC section and the gentle language suggestions are spot on!

I wish I had this when I was adopting


Six years ago when we started our adoption journey, we were literally navigating uncharted waters in a very emotional and complicated situation. We were uneducated and unprepared and all we wanted to do was love our daughter and her birth family well. When I found out about this incredible project, my husband and I both said how much we wished we would of had this type of education to have been equipped with the knowledge of how to support our daughter's birth family and help our daughter navigate this as she grew. I’m grateful that because of Woven Together, perspective adoptive parents now have this much needed education and support at their finger tips.

Start your adoption with a woven together mentality

Approaching adoption with an open heart and education builds strength and understanding within the entire adoption triad.

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