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As a birth mom and partial adoptee, we have seen a huge need for thoughtful and thorough education as we have conversations with families and organizations in the adoption community. As we speak with these individuals, we are learning they are receiving little to no training from the adoption professionals in their lives and they thirst for deeper rooted education that goes beyond the norm. That is why we created Woven Together! Woven together is the ONLY faith-based, online course that covers modern adoption practices with ethics in mind, many voices to learn from, and tackling the heart issues surrounding adoption.
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What does the Pro-Life course cover?

Geared towards any organization that supports women in unintended pregnancies:

  • How to present adoption in a non-pressuring way

  • Steps to better support birth mothers with post placement care

  • Learning from adoptees, a birth mother, adoptive parents, and experts

  • Understanding ethical adoption practices

  • Learning more about the affects of transracial adoption

  • Preparing for the hospital experience

  • Helping her build a healthier lifestyle and adoption relationships

  • And so much more!

How does Woven Together help your organization?

  • Comes with a printable workbook to take notes from the course, more educational material, and in-depth reflection questions

  • Helps you feel confident in presenting adoption as a life-giving option with modern adoption language and experiences

  • Ideas for how your organization can build a stronger support system for birth parents

  • Know what questions to ask adoption professionals who you are trusting to partner with you

  • A certificate of completion for training requirements

  • Lifetime access so you can keep coming back as you need a refresh on certain topics

Change the culture. Change the hearts. Change the conversations.

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