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Adoption is a lifelong journey!

We cannot just prepare for the "wedding" of adoption of bringing a baby home, but we must prepare for the "marriage" of the adoption life as well. There will be challenges. There will be hard conversations. There will be multiple people's views and feelings to consider. There will be compromises and communication is key-- just like any important relationship. It takes effort! This mini-course will dive into how to approach your adoption relationships (including birth family members) and create a positive open adoption-- to whatever degree that looks like for you.
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What's In This Course?

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    Instructions for this course

    • Meet Mallory and Leah
    • How to Use This Course
    • Disclaimer
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    Starting Your Lifelong Journey

    • Staring Your Lifelong Relationship Work Sheets
    • Starting Your Lifelong Relationship
  • 3

    The Open Adoption Relationship

    • Why Open Adoption Scares Us
    • What is it like being raised in open adoption? Hear from adult adoptees!
    • Please, please keep your promises
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    Next Steps...

    • Keep the momentum! More resources

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