Meet Joey

Joey is husband to Lindsay and Daddy to Hannah, Hunter, Michael, Abram, and a little one waiting on him in Heaven. His family has been uniquely grown through open adoption, open relative adoption, and biology. His family also includes every First and extended family member who walked into his family’s hearts when adoption became part of their story. By day, he is the Director of a commercial construction company and by evening hours and weekends he is a professional trampoline jumper, competition bike rider (when alongside 5-12 year olds), attentive listener and supporter of his wife, and a mentor to many. Jesus has taught Joey and Lindsay many lessons as the story He has written for their family unfolds and Joey is honored to stand in the gap for men in the adoption triad and beyond!

Meet Daniel

Daniel is the Executive Director of a non-profit in Charlotte, NC. He is also the husband to Haven, a birth mom, a dad of two, and a bonus dad of 4. Daniel has a unique experience with adoption and never realized how closely it would touch his life until just a few short years ago. He is very proud to be the ring leader of their circus he calls family!

Meet Sean

Sean is married to his wife Becca and a proud daddy to his sweet little girl Beatrix. In 2019, Sean helped his wife launch Bringer of Joy & Co. Sean is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and has spent the last 7 years as a business analyst while surviving on coffee. Fatherhood and adoption carries a unique role, one which Sean is fiercely protective of. His heart is to create a safe space for his daughter where she feels loved and protected while honoring and respecting the man that allowed him to do so. Fatherhood, no matter how it looks, is a unique role where men truly need support and encouragement from one another as they lead their families.

Meet Mark

Mark has been a husband to Leah for 13 years, and together they have 5 children that they parent. He was told about Leah's birth daughter on their second date, and his response was how Leah knew he was someone special! He and Leah's birth daughter now have their own goofy relationship when she visits. Mark is competitive and loves all things gaming from table top, to video, to playing sports, so that's where you will find him when he has down time from his job as an accountant.

Topics we cover:

  • What it looks like to be in the adoption community from the male perspective

  • Hearing each of their stories and perspectives

  • Their relationship with other triad members within their family

  • .... and so much more!

Course curriculum

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Who should watch this replay?

Anyone! But especially if you...

Hope to adopt, or have adopted. Work in the adoption field. Are involved in the pro-life or adoption community in some way. Simply want to listen and learn!
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