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Adoptee voices are crucial to learning how to parent them well

Learn from another part of the triad as you listen to 3 different adoptee voices and their stories-- two being transracial adoptees. It may be uncomfortable. It will be challenging. But it is absolutely needed as you prepare for different phases in your child's life surrounding adoption. Lean in and listen to what they say is helpful growing up and take to heart the feelings about their adoption experience to better your family's approach to adoption.
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    Instructions for this course

    • Meet Mallory and Leah
    • How to Use This Course
    • Disclaimer
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    Adoptee Voices

    • Adoptee Voices Video
    • Adoptee Voices Work Sheets
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    Listening to Adoptee Voices

    • Common Myth and Truths of How Adoptees Feel
    • Love is Not Enough
    • What is it like being raised in open adoption? Hear from adult adoptees!
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    Next Steps...

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