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What is legal and what is ethical are different, it comes down to morality.

There are right and wrongs (which many need to be changed) under the law, but that doesn't mean it accounts for the morality within adoption. This mini-course will cover topics including red flags and questions to ask adoption professional you may hire, positive adoption language, how to educate your extended family about modern adoption, challenging the "savior mentality" and how you can truly support an expectant mom regardless of the outcome for you. How your family approaches adoption through your mindset, heart, and language will influence many aspects throughout your journey. It starts here!
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    Instructions for this course

    • Meet Mallory and Leah
    • How to Use This Course
    • Disclaimer
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    Adoption Ethics

    • Adoption Ethics Work Sheets
    • Adoption Ethics Video
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    Know Better, Do Better

    • What You Need to Know About Marshallese Adoption
    • Legal vs Ethical
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