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Honoring and respecting birth parents will be a way to honor your future child's full identity and story.

There's a lot of myths out there about expectant moms and birth parents! As you navigate adoption you will need to understand expectant parents hearts and the painful reasons why they are considering adoption. This will help you to look beyond yourself and your desires so that you can love on them for where they are in life. Later, this will overflow to how you raise an adoptee well! When you lean in to learn their grief and their love, you give your child a safe place to talk about their birth parents too. Honoring and respecting the expectant/birth parents (despite their choices and story) will be a way to honor your child's full identity and story.
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    The Heart of Expectant & Birth Parents

    • Heart of Expectant Parent Work Sheets
    • The Heart of an Expectant Mom
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    Listening to Birth Parent Voices

    • A Letter From A Birth Mom
    • What It Is Like To Be A Birth Mother in Adoption
    • Anthony's Open Adoption Story
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