Meet Dawn

Dawn is an adoptive mom and is married to her husband Keith, who is a pastor. They parent a total of 12 kiddos, 3 bio (ages 29, 28, 26) and 9 adopted (ages 21-5). Dawn has a degree in special education and taught for 14 years before stepping into the role of being a stay at home mom, which she has done for over 12 years now. Eight of their children who joined their family through adoption have special needs including Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, CHD - TOF and TGA, hearing impairment, g-tube dependency, and more. Two of their adoptions were international, five domestic and two from adoption dissolutions.

Meet Elisabeth

She shares:

Hi! I'm Elisabeth. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the goodness the Lord had planned for my life. Had I known, I would have missed this underserving honor to share life with 7 of the most incredible humans on this planet because of my own fear and uncertainty. I would have screamed every reason why I was ill-equipped had plenty on my plate or we didn't have the finances. Almost 11 years ago, we adopted for the first time - the snuggliest baby boy with Down syndrome. Over the next 4 years, we brought home two more daughters and a son... all with Down syndrome. Having walked through special needs parenting and special needs adoption with many other families, I find it extremely important to have conversations like this to bring light to a taboo subject.

Topics we cover:

  • Their point of view as adoptees and unique stories

  • Pursuing special needs adoption

  • Myths of special needs parenting

  • How to educate family + friends

  • Obstacles of support, church family acceptance, therapies and more

Course curriculum

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Who should watch this replay?

Anyone! But especially if you...

Hope to adopt, or have adopted. Work in the adoption field. Want to learn more about special needs and adoption. Are involved in the pro-life or adoption community in some way. Simply want to listen and learn!
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