Meet Lydia

Lydia is an adult transracial adoptee. She started her career working with youth in foster care quickly after earning her BA in social work. Lydia feels called to empower adoptees as they continue to discover and embrace their racial identity, and bridge gaps between adoptive parents and their transracial adoptees. Lydia shares the story of her full circle life path through her instagram page (@adoptee2adoptionworker). When she’s not working, you can find her hanging out with friends or whipping up amazing recipes in the kitchen while dancing to gospel music.

Meet Daniel

Daniel was adopted at the age of 3 months old with his twin sister. They were accepted by a brown skinned king and queen who aimed to raised them in the likelihood of royalty. He believes there is no greater hope then to be accepted! They were marked with love and gratitude as matured in the North Carolina countryside. While he is 26 years old, now living in South Carolina, he strives daily to carry on the good name he was given as he continues to build generational legacy. Oh the places he has been and things that he's experienced on this journey!

Meet Emilie

Emilie Grace was adopted when she was two days old. She is now eighteen years old, a college student, and lives in Western New York. She shares being a part of a transracial family is nothing new, but processing how it has affected not only her life, but navigating the journey of the deeper parts of who she is has only recently begun. She loves to share her story with people, both fellow adoptees, and adoptive parents. She loves talking with parents of adopted children, and hopeful adoptive parents to help them process through this rewarding and challenging experience, as well as shine light into their lives from an adoptee's perspective. Emilie shares that adoption is the reason she lives the life she has. That being said, nothing is completely positive, or completely negative. There are so many "what if's" and questions she will never have answers to. Being a part of a transracial family adds another layer of depth to her experience.

Topics we cover:

  • Their point of view as adoptees and unique stories

  • What is a racial mirror and why it is important

  • How we can better love and support adoptees including their culture and their identity

  • Resources to continue learning about racial topics

Course curriculum

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Who should watch this replay?

Anyone! But especially if you...

Hope to adopt, or have adopted. Work in the adoption field. Want to learn more about the racial climate in America and how you can help in your home. Are involved in the pro-life or adoption community in some way. Simply want to listen and learn!
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