Meet Jacqueline

Adoptee + Birth Mom

On December 3rd, 2015, I made a final choice like so many other powerful women... I chose to place my daughter for adoption. I handed her to the adoptive parents and turned a couple into a family within a few seconds. I watched their bond grow right in front of my eyes. Pretty soon after I left the hospital childless, I began to witness the amount of support available to me… none. I was empty, heartbroken, lonely and grieving. On October 3rd, 2019 I opened my non-profit Placed for You ( with the hopes of helping women not only get through those first weeks after placement initially, but to guide them to relationships with other Birth Moms for lasting support. I know how hard it is to feel as if you are left with nothing. My goal is to spread the support of Birth Moms around the country and connect us with the bond of what we all share in common. I truly believe we need to heal from the trauma of adoption and the best way to mend that wound is to be surrounded by those who have faced the same choice. I want adoption to be a valid choice when an unplanned pregnancy hits life, but without awareness and the post-placement care that is vital, it will never happen. Sharing our stories is the way to show our commitment to this movement."

Topics we cover:

  • Why birth moms support matters and why it should matter to you!

  • Her experience as a birth mom of 5 years, and as an adoptee.

  • Why she created Placed For You and how they are serving.

  • How you can advocate for expectant/birth moms support and help!

Course curriculum

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    • Resources + Take action

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